Monday, August 11, 2008 Homeschool and Preschool Resources and related sites, such as and are invaluable resources for homeschooling and afterschooling families. These sites are packed with coloring pages, worksheets, tracing pages, information, crafts projects, scissor skills, etc. Topics are wide-ranging. They include animals, seasons, music, countries, math, and more.

I especially like and its preschool themes. As an example, if you want to teach your child about frogs, you can go to the Animals theme
. Then choose frogs from the list. This brings up tracing pages, lesson plans, crafts, coloring pages, online stories and activities. also has a frog section that includes the Life Cycle of the frog and a body parts page. You can also do comparisons. For example, you can compare the metamorphosis and life cycle of the frog to that of the butterfly.

With my daughter, I choose a theme and then go through the various coloring pages, worksheets, crafts, etc. I print out everything I want to do for that lesson. These sites have so many resources that you will need to plan what you want to use in advance. After my daughter has completed all of the activities, I staple the pages together and put them into a folder. We can then pull out the folder from time-to-time to look over what she has done and review what she has learned.

If you are teaching your child to write, you will love the tracing section
. A nice feature here is that you can make your own tracing pages. So, you can make tracing pages with your child's name. Or if you want to introduce easier letters first, such as E, F, L, T, V, W, X, Z, you can customize the tracing sheets to suit your needs.

These sites are great. Don't homeschool or afterschool without them.

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