Monday, July 28, 2008

I showed the ABCs to my daughter when she was 14 months. She knew all her uppercase and lowercase letters by the time she was 18 months. That's how good this site is.

ABCs (Phonics)
The ABCs section teaches letter recognition and phonics. It uses captivating animations that easily hold a child's attention. Your child will be exposed to dozens of words, which will help with word recognition when they read. Definitely good for kids 1 to 6 who are learning their letters.

Great for beginning readers. The Learn to Read section focuses a lot on phonics. It introduces short vowels and long vowels. It also introduces word endings, such as an, at, ig, og, etc.

The It's Fun to Read section has stories, music, poetry, riddles and more.

The I'm Reading section has plays, fiction, nonfiction, folk tales, Greek myths, and Chinese fables.

This website is amazing. It covers every aspect of learning to read. My daughter learned to read using the
Your Baby Can Read DVDs. I have found invaluable in helping her improve her reading and phonics skills.


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Nodin's Nest said...

I agree, Starfall is wonderful! My son also has learned to read with it. He's only 3 1/2 and I'm amazed!